Additional Videos & Songs

Below are video selections from past productions, videos & demo recordings featuring Cougar the Musical creator Donna Moore.

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“Julio” (the vibrator song) 
Song by Meryl Leppard
Performed by Donna Moore.
Music Producer: Doug Oberhamer
Video shot and edited by Bob Johnson

“Boy in My Pocket” from The Cougar Cabaret
By Meryl Leppard
Performed by Donna Moore and Louisa Bradshaw

“On the Prowl” 
Performed by Donna Moore
Music & Lyrics written by Donna Moore & Seth Lefferts
Music Producer: Doug Oberhamer
Produced by Jordan Hellman, Rachel Holt, Julianne Grillo and Alex Sandberg-Bernard

“Henry’s Right” 
By Donna Moore and Seth Lefferts
Performed by Donna Moore

“Say Yes” 
By Donna Moore and Meryl Leppard
Performed by Donna Moore
Arranged by Doug Oberhamer


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