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NY1 Theater Review
New York 1
“Like a woman who tries to have it all, Cougar The Musical has a lot going on. The 90-minute off-Broadway tuner is funny, raucous, sweetly sentimental and romantic. And women, mostly women of a certain age, are likely to fall under its life-affirming spell.” Click here to read more.

Hits the Right Notes on the Older Woman-Younger Man Dating Phenomenon
Broadway World 
Cougar the Musical is a fun, fast-paced, intelligent, sexy show (with fine direction and choreography byLynne Taylor-Corbett) that could have a long run at the St. Luke’s (or any other Off-Broadway house), not the least of which because it should be extremely popular with middle-aged women tourists looking for a guilty pleasure they can take back home and talk about with their friends. Heck, if my wife lets me, I may even go back a few more times just to watch those would-be cougar ladies in the audience enjoy themselves. Who knows? They may even think I’m still cute enough that they’ll want to pinch my cheeks—all four of them.” Click here to read more.

Cougar the Musical, is Perrrrrrrrrrrfectly Fun!
Times Square Chronicles
“Catherine Porter’s vocals are glorious especially the sensitive “Gary’s Right,” Brenda Braxton entertains and Babs Winn had me laughing so hard I was crying. Donna Moore wrote the book, lyrics and the music and I was thoroughly entertained.” Click here to read more.

First Online with Fran says, “YES!”
“…If you want to be entertained and leave the house feeling your funny-bone was tickled and your soul uplifted, then Cougar The Musical  is a purrr-fect choice!” Click here to read more.

Broadway Dance Center review
Cougar the Musical will have you laughing, crying, singing and dancing along!” Click here to read more.

ELJ review
“Luckily Donna Moore’s Cougar the Musical is only 90 minutes long because I’m not sure how long your mouth can remain in a constant grin without freezing into that position permanently. This is one fun adventure! Full of clever repartee between hysterical characters, songs loaded with sexual innuendos, choreography that makes you chuckle, and musical styles that range from blues and country/western to ballads, pop and doo-wop, it is difficult to find something that doesn’t tickle your fancy.” Click here to read more.

Cougar the Musical: Moving Past Menopause
Play Goes Strong
“…Six… characters in the four-person ensemble cast are played by Danny Bernardy. His eye-catching hunky body and engaging portrayal of guys named Buck, Twilight Dude, Bourbon Cowboy, Naked Peter, and Goliath suggest the dreams and fantasies of the women.” Click here to read more.

Predators prowl in Cougar the Musical
Associated Press
“This understated production proves surprisingly charming with elegant flow from start to finish under the sure-handed direction of Lynne Taylor-Corbett (a Tony Award nominee in 2000 for direction and choreography in Swing!).” Click here to read more.

Cat Scratch Fever in “Cougar” Land
“Older women have never had it easy, in regards to their sex appeal and worth in the public’s eye (read pretty much anything on Madonna’s tour), so it’s almost as fun to watch the cast of Cougar: The Musical strut their stuff as it is to listen to the whoops and hollers from so many over-40 female audience members.” Click here to read more.

Three Singles Seeking Partners for Duets
New York Times
“It is filled with original melodies… The script reflects considerable imagination… Click here to read more.

Divalysscious Moms review
“I highly recommend going to see the new off-Broadway show Cougar: The Musical. I went to see it last week and it is truly perfect for a girls’ night out; lots of laughs guaranteed!!! Cougar The Musical is an original, four person show about three divine but disillusioned women who unleash their “inner cougar” by dating younger men (played by one very sexy actor) and in the process, find self-love and empowerment.” Click here to read more.



Donna Moore & Brenda Braxton on “Rainbow Soul” with host Deardra Shuler
Click here to listen to the interview.

This Week in New York: Meet the Creator of Cougar
“Cougars are hot hot hot these days, and the same can be said for Donna Moore. A stunning fortysomething single mother of two, Moore has revamped her two-person cabaret show about older women with a thing for younger men into Cougar the Musical, a full theatrical production that begins previews at St. Luke’s on August 10 prior to an August 26 opening.” Click here to read more.

Meet the Cast on
The cast of the show just met the press, and you can check out a preview of photo coverage below! Be sure to check back later for complete coverage! Click here to read more.

News Times (Connecticut) 
New Fairfield woman brings ‘Cougar the Musical’ to life
Donna Moore is on the prowl. Or at least her play, “Cougar the Musical,” is. Six years ago Moore, 48, of New Fairfield, heard the term “cougar” while working as a stand-up comic in New York City. Although the twice-divorced mother of two is not a cougar herself, she was fascinated by the concept and went on to write and star in a show called “Cougar Cabaret.” It played for more than a year at a cabaret theater in the city… Click here to read more.



Cougar the Musical is soulful, sassy, poignant and provocative-  however, what I didn’t expect was to be taken on a heartwarming and hilarious journey thru their capers, disappointments and ultimately, inspiring transformations.  I entered at my own risk- and I had a ball.”   — Soap Star Anna Stewart

“I laughed so hard I broke a blood vessel in my eye!”    — Interior Designer Mark Coy

“Fantastic”  — Stu Hamstra (Cabaret Scenes)

“I f-#$%-ing loved it. The script is amazing!!!”  — Adelita S. Moore (Playwright’s mother)

“I truly think this is a piece that will speak to a huge audience. Three rather isolated women set out to be “cougars” and have a train wreck trying. However, their lives move forward with a laugh and a tear and they find a level of confidence and friendship that they did not know was possible.”
                                                                                           — Lynne Taylor-Corbett (Director)


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